Introduction to Network Analysis 2017/18

Week Date Lectures Labs Out Due Challenge Comment
1 Feb 19th Networks motivation, graph theory \(\rightarrow\) network science, course overview / Homework #0
2 Feb 26th Graphology & networkology, network representations, formats & data Network representations, basic network algorithms Homework #0 Four knights
3 Mar 5th Erdos-Renyi & configuration models, random graphs vs real networks Advanced network algorithms, graph models Homework #1
4 Mar 12th Node position & measures of centrality, link analysis algorithms Measures of centrality, PageRank algorithm Grand graph
5 Mar 19th Link importance & measures of bridging, small-world networks Homework #1 review, course project details Homework #1
6 Mar 26th Scale-free distributions & networks, preferential attachment models Small-world & scale-free models, graphs vs networks Homework #2 \(\div\)-vector centrality
7 Apr 2nd Assortative & disassortative mixing, fragments & frequent subgraphs Node degree mixing, course project consultations
8 Apr 9th Community structure, community detection & graph partitioning Community detection, homework #2 review Homework #2 Five networks
9 Apr 16th Equivalence, blockmodeling & block models, core-periphery structure Block models & \(k\)-cores, course project consultations Homework #3
10 Apr 23rd Network inference & prediction, network-based mining / PageRank centrality Uprising day
11 Apr 30th / Homework #3 review, course project proposals Homework #3 Labour day
12 May 7th / / Project proposal Holidays
13 May 14th Network collection & sampling, node layout & network visualization Random-walk sampling & Facebook, pegs & bands
14 May 21st Structural network comparison,\(^§\) network backbones & skeletons\(^‡\) / Project milestone Project consultations
15 May 28th Applications in software,\(^‡\) fraud,\(^‡\) bibliometrics\(^‡\) & scientometrics\(^§\) / Project consultations
16 Jun 4th Tentative invited talks & seminars, selected fun networks & topics Coursework review, course project presentations Project deadline

\(^‡\)Conference talks & seminars    \(^§\)Conference posters